Brew Guide

The perfect brew

It is really easy to make a bad cup of coffee, however it is also really easy to make a great cup of coffee.  We try to keep things really simple in the mountains, and not try and over think the process. If you start with good ingredients like fresh roasted coffee, a good grinder, even good water, and clean equipment then you are almost there. We have tasted and tested these brew methods in harsh weather and we think they make a great cup of coffee every time.

Similar to music and art, coffee is all about personal taste. Our recommended measurements are only but guidelines. A starting point for you to find your own "perfect brew". Remember, our coffee has traveled a long way to get to Scandinavia and into your coffee cup. Take that little bit extra time to brew with love and you will be rewarded with a great cup of coffee every time.

Pick your brew method of choice and brew like a pro!

Be sure to show your family and friends your new expertise.