Scandinavian Alps Coffee Team

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."  -Albert Einstein

Our Team is a truly unique group of humans that are passionate about: mountain living, sharing and engaging our creative consciousness, and ones simple love for fresh roasted coffee. The group has a wide range of passions and skills from working to playing in our unique playgrounds.  We love skiing, snowboarding, powder snow, photography, film making, ski touring, mountain biking, trail running, fly fishing, bread baking, recycling, camping, to brewing that perfect pot of coffee and some good conversation from the days adventure(s).

Follow some of their creative work and humble stories below.

D A V I D R Y D I N G - FIS Slalom Specialist . Loves coffee,  mountains, and share the same values as Scandinavian Coffee.

G U R O  J O R D H E I M - FIS Cross Country Pro.  Hemsedal born and raised.


R E I D A R  H A L D I N G  Ø R E N- Norwegian Pro Skater, Snowboarder, Surf Skater and Father of two in Hemsedal.


H A N S C H R I S T I A N T U N G E S V I K- Professional triathlete with a passion for mountains, cabin life and the good brew.

H E N R Y  M c N U L T  Y - Norwegian based Aussie orienteer and trail runner. Loves to run in beautiful places and drink good coffee.


RASMUS BRØGGER- Pro Snowbaorder, Blogger, bathing suite Speedo Model, Founder Waterfest Events

K A J  Z A C K R I S S O N- Swedish Free-ride World Champion, dedicated Father of two. www.kaskofsweden


J A C K I E  P A A S O -  U.S Pro Big Mountain Free-ride Skier, outdoor & coffee Enthusiast .


M A G N U S  G R Ö N B E R G - City born, mountain bound. Coffee creative skitouring enthusiast.

A D R I A N  S E L I G M A N - Head Roaster & Founder. Ski Instructor/Guide with a Ski and Coffee problem.

G A U T E  F O S S  M O R K E N - Park & Free ride Specialist, graphic designer. I enjoy good coffee and good airtime.


R O M A N  R O H R M O S E R  - Big Mountain Free Ride Skier. Loves Big Lines, Good Coffee, and Family.



J O S H  F O S T E R-  Founder SnowSports Unlimited , CSIA IV Senior Examiner & Interski demo team . Addicted to powder, coffee and avid Leafs fan.


E R I N  M I E L Z Y N S K I-  Canadian World Cup FIS Slalom & GS Racer. Passionate for mountain living and Coffee.


T R O E L S R O S E N K R A N T Z - Danish environmental film maker. Climber and mountaineer living in his Volkswagen T3.

K A R I F L I N G S O M- Triathlete, Mother, winner of Norseman, now runs Norway’s largest triathlon team: Team Superba Krill.

@fullfartlingsom / / @teamsuperbakrill


A N K I  G R Ø T H E - Norwegian life style and documentary photographer with roots in the Norwegian mountains.