We want to work alongside people who are committed to serving great coffee in their café, restaurant, and offices and staff . Simple.

Please feel free to fill out the contact form or email us:

for further information on price lists, samples, and wholesale support.

Located at:

Scandinavian Alps Coffee HQ

Sagvegen 2 




Our partners: 

Espresso Specialist

Tim Wendelboe

Soldberg & Hansen

Coffee Circle


Cafe Imports Europe

Hemsedal Tourism

Kiwi Hemsedal

Spar Hemsedal


Skistar Concept Store Hemsedal

Harahorn Hotel

Ravn Hemsedal

Elmas Handel

The Right Roast UK

I know Jerry from Toronto 

Geilo Spar

Mat so Klart Coffee Shop

Solheisen Ski Resort 

Høgevarde Resort

Solstuga Cafe Solheisen

Fyri Hemsedal

Herangtunet Boutique Hotel 

The BearHouse Cafe

Ål Bakeri

Bel-Air Cafe, Swizerland

Husso Lodge

Leveld Lefesbakeri

Pust Kaffe

Hygge Coffee Bar

Fyri Sport Club



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