We want to work alongside people who are committed to serving great coffee in their café, restaurant, offices, and staff. Simple.

Please feel free to fill out the contact form or email us:

or you can call: (+47) 74 99 9090

for further information on price lists, samples, and wholesale support.

Located at:

Scandinavian Alps Coffee HQ

Sagvegen 2 




Our partners: 

Espresso Specialist

Tim Wendelboe

Soldberg & Hansen

Coffee Circle


Cafe Imports Europe

Hemsedal Tourism

Kiwi Hemsedal

Spar Hemsedal


Skistar Concept Store Hemsedal

Harahorn Hotel

Ravn Hemsedal

Elmas Handel

The Right Roast UK

I know Jerry from Toronto 

Geilo Spar

Mat so Klart Coffee Shop

Solheisen Ski Resort 

Høgevarde Resort

Solstuga Cafe Solheisen

Fyri Hemsedal

Herangtunet Boutique Hotel 

Bel-Air Cafe, Swizerland

Husso Lodge

Leveld Lefesbakeri

Pust Kaffe

Hygge Coffee Bar

Fyri Sport Club



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