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“The best cup of coffee is the one you like”

-Adrian Seligman- Head Roaster
Scandinavian Alps Athlete: Erin M Team Canada

Fjell Nytt 2017

Firefly Media

1st Podcast Interview with Chris from the Common Grounds Podcast. This was really fun.

Nordic roasting style

Veronika VeselaMay 12, 2020

“We (coffee professionals) like and seek light roasted coffee that represents the farm, terior, variety… Maybe it drives back to the Nordic countries who started the trend, but that trend has grown worldwide. What makes us stand out is that since it originated here (in Norway), we have a responsibility to keep that going strong in terms of consistency, skill of roasted coffee, and interesting coffee origins. Therefore in our roastery it all comes down to: hard work and passion, cupping constantly, and always being students of coffee.”

Adrian Seligman, Founder of Scandinavian Alps Roastery

Slik lagar du god kaffi.

Canadiske Adrian Seligman har starta kaffibrenneri i Hemsedal. Målet er å bringe «fresh coffee to the mountains».

Sweden Media

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Mountain Rescue Club member showing us how to brew club coffee via V60 in the Arctic Circle.