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 Roast - Brew

We love brewing this months coffee from Papau New Guinea via Aeropress and espresso.  

There are thousands of version to brew an aeropress but there are few recipes we like and use a lot. Here is one from James Hoffmann we enjoy.

 For espresso again there is many recipes and techniques out there but we prefer to keep it simple and use.

Dose: 18.5 g

Yield: 36g

Shot time: 28-32 sec.

Our QC equipment is: 
Rocket Appartemnto & Fausto stepless grinder

We like it as an Americano or flat white. 

Here is a goof tutorial on dealing in your espresso and will help make this months coffee shine in the cup.


 Some short stories and interesting things we have been up to:

The price of raw coffee has unfortunately had an extreme increase recently. Prices have doubled this year. Climatic conditions have affected the price and the problems with international container transport have further aggravated the situation.
Development in raw coffee prices last year:

We won't be increasing our prices but if this continues going into 2022 will have to make some adjustments on certain coffees.

1.) We have done a very cool collab with an outdoor company, but we can not share the news just yet. Coming soon

2.) You can finally find us in Oslo at 

3.) Our new vintage Alps Flannels have been popular now you can find them at RAVN in town. The first clothing brand in the world that includes fresh coffee to enjoy.

4.) Badass Vol.12 just dropped in on Spotify. Enjoy sipping your coffee and listening to our crafted playlists.